Model Magnetom Avanto 1.5T
Condition Used
Warranty No warranty
Year 2009


Product Specifications

Magnetic field strength, T 1.5
MRI Type closed
Minimum requirements to the premises, square metre 27
Gantry aperture (mm) 600
Max. gradient amplitude (mT/m) 200


Product Description

Siemens Avanto 1.5T – FIT
YOM : 2009
S/N : 69546
Channels : 48ch
Item no. : 003842
Status : Pending Incoming
Availability : 10-2021
Software Version : VD13B-SP02
FIT (4G) Upgrade Coils :Flex Large 4 MR coil 1.5T, Flex Small 4 MR coil 1.5T, Body 18 MR Coil 1.5T, Head/Neck 20 MR Coil 1.5T, Spine 32 MR Coil 1.5T, 098 1.5 T Foot Ankle Coil, Flex coil interface 1.5T, TIM Coil Interface 1.5T, TxRx Knee 15 MR Coil 1.5T, Breast 18 MR coil 1.5T, Prostata 2 MR Coil 1,5T


The refurbished 2007 Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto 1.5T MRI system is a whole body scanner, featuring the Tim (Total Imaging Matrix) RF system with 8, 18, or 32 available independent RF receiver channels.


– Field Strength: 1.5T

– Configuration: Short Bore Compact;

– Synchronization: Respiratory Gating, ECG/Peripheral;

– Imaging modes: Multi-Oblique, Multi-Angle, Volume Study, Multi-Slice, Single;

– FOV: 0.5cm – 50cm;

– Magnet type: Superconducting;

– Bore diameter: 60cm;

– Power requirements: 380/400/420V;

– Power requirements 2: 440/480V;

– Strength: up to 45 mT/m;

– 5 Guass Fringe Field: 2.5m/4.0m


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