Canon Aplio 300 with 4D



Based on over 40 years of industry-leading experience, Aplio 300 overcomes the challenges of conventional ultrasound with Toshiba’s revolutionary High-Density Beam former Architecture. Incorporating advanced signal processing capabilities and an array of unique imaging technologies, it quickly and consistently delivers images with exceptional resolution and detail that improve accuracy and increase confidence in clinical decision-making.

  • Next Generation Precision Imaging
  • Differential Tissue Harmonics (D-THI)
  • Advanced Dynamic Flow™ (ADF)
  • ApliPure™
  • 3D/4D Imaging
Personalized Productivity
Toshiba takes ultrasound and makes it personal by letting you customize everything from keyboard entries to image enhancements. In order to satisfy personal preferences as well as facility requirements, Aplio 300 helps maintain standards and improve consistency from start to finish and patient to patient.

  • Lighter and with a smaller footprint, Aplio 300 glides into position and lets you get closer to patients easier than ever before
  • Even energy use is more efficient with a reduction of up to 23% in power requirements compared to similar ultrasound systems
  • Ergonomic transducers deliver superb image quality across clinical applications
  • A premium quality, high-resolution LCD has an articulating arm and handle for simple repositioning
See Things Your Way With iStyle
Toshiba’s unique and innovative iStyle+ productivity suite gives you a full range of workflow automation tools that bring ergonomic relief by minimizing keystrokes, reducing exam times, and raising the consistency of exams.

Aplio 300 Options Include:

  • CW Unit
  • Reference Signal Unit – for cardiovascular examinations
  • Contrast Harmonic Imaging
  • Elastography – FLR
  • 4D
  • Mounting Kit for Peripheral Units – rack for mounting a DVD recorder, printer, etc.
  • Footswitch
  • M-TEE Hanger
  • Motor Driven M-TEE hanger
  • Gel Warmer
  • 4D Unit
  • 4D STIC Imaging Kit – for standby mode
  • Battery Kit – for standby mode
  • Transducer Holder Kit
  • CHI Kit
  • DICOM Kit
  • Protocol Assistant Kit
  • Panoramic View Kit
  • ApliPure Plus Kit
  • MicroPure Kit
  • Elastography-FLR Kit – kit enables Elastography with linear transducer
  • Vascularity Index Kit
  • FLEX-M Kit – displays an M-mode image for an arbitrarily specified plane on a B-mode image
  • Stress Echo Kit
  • Precision Imaging Kit – adds precision imaging and tissue enhancement functions to the system
  • Differential THI Kit – dedicated option for Aplio300
  • Dynamic Flow Kit – adds Advanced Dynamic Flow
  • Probe 4 Port Kit – 4th transducer connector
  • Operation Manuals


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