Artis ZEE Single plane Cardiac System



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The Artis zee floor-mounted system fits rooms as small as 29 square meters (less than 350 square feet), much less than the ACC-recommended 45-55 sqm (500-600 sq ft.), due to a very small footprint. That way, there is enough space left for equipment, in-room storage, the patient, and the clinical team. Besides the small footprint, the Artis Zee floor offers high positioning flexibility and allows the steepest angulations.


  • Synchronized detector rotation
  • Artis zee multipurpose system allows only landscape or portrait mode
  • Intuitive tableside operation
  • 3D menu workflow
  • Improve your workflow with “IsoTilt”
  • Artis zee Wireless Footswitch
  • Multiple work positions
  • Flexible 3D imaging
  • Convenient park position
  • Positioning flexibility in single-plane mode
  • The Artis zee multi-purpose right suspension is ideally suited to meet the escalating demands of interventional radiology, fluoroscopy, and interventional cardiology
  • The Artis zee multi-purpose left suspension meets the special needs of endoscopic applications in gastroenterology
    A true multi-purpose imaging solution
  • The Artis Zee multi-purpose system is ideally suited to handle the diverse imaging needs of today’s clinics, whether R/F examinations, outpatient angiography, or pediatric imaging.


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