GE Infinia Hawkeye I Gamma camera


This systems is now sold. Let us know if you are looking for similar product.

This is an all-purpose and dual-detector SPECT/CT system that is available in either 3/8- or a 1-inch configuration, there is a free-geometry gantry and its design that enables both the 180° and the 90° detector orientations for any high scanning accuracy and efficiency.


  • It is a high-performance system that has been using the footprint which is same as that of the traditional nuclear medicine camera.
  • It provides an excellent image quality that is used for both localization and the attenuation correction.
  • It has the ability have a helical scanning capability even if it’s used for the shorter exam timings and quality-controlled attenuation and correction maps.
  • It has an easy to learn and also intuitive Windows-based user interface.
  • It has the specific parameters that can optimize ones image quality and also the patient dose.


  • Manufactured: 2005
  • Collimaors: LEHR, MEGP


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