GE Voluson E6


GE Voluson E6 ULTRASOUND Machine,Condition Used Like New from


GE Voluson E6

Product Details

Brand GE
Model Voluson E6
Condition Used Very Good
Warranty No warranty
Year 2014


Product Specifications

LCD display Yes
M-Mode Yes
Ports number 3
Monitor Size 19
Stationary or Portable Stationary
Diagnostic accuracy class Expert
Expert assessment 5
Software version BT13
Ob/gyn calcs Yes
General calculations Yes
Cardiac calculations Yes
Vascular calcs Yes
HD-Flow Yes
TD tissue doppler Yes
PW pulsed wave doppler Yes
Color doppler Yes
B-flow Yes
CW continuous wave doppler Yes
4D Yes
Anatomical M-mode Yes
HDLive Yes
3D volume imaging Yes
Angio Yes
Trapezoid Imaging, Virtual convex Yes
Strain Elastography Yes
STIC (spatio-temporal image correlation) Yes


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