Manufacturer: Philips medical imaging
Model: Philips Achieva
Condition: used
Year: 2007
Subcategory: Ct scanner

Software release:
5.3.1 (2016 upgrade)
Gradients: Nova Dual (Copley 281+ gradients and switch).
No RF channels: 16ch
RF amp type: S23_64
Magnet type: F2000
Acquisition system: CDAS
Sense Neuro Vascular 16ch (2013)
Synergo spine (2010)
Synergy body+breast (2006)
Synergy Cardiac (2007)
Sense Foot+ankle (2008)
Sense knee 8ch (2006)
Sense wrist/hand 4ch (2011)
Sense Flex M (2012)
Sense Flex L (2006)
QHC el_load
C1 loop (2006)
C3 loop (2006)
Software options installed:
Basic SW, SMART scan brain, 2d VCG, 16rf channels, 3D MSK View, Advanced EPI, GraSE, 3D Brain View, High SENSE factors, Extended FOV, Keyhole, DWI, phase navigators, TE>TR, Thrive, Q-flow, Contrast enh. perf., moving bed ima., adv. moving bed ima., add. peripheral angio, whole body, high-end recon, black blood prepulse, body resp navigators, MSMP, multivane, Cardiac triggered IR, retrospective, Prosp. motion corr., T1 perfusion, SR-mid, Diffusion calc., Perfusion calc.


The Philips Achieva 1.5T mobile MRI system is engineered to help you get more done in many ways, whether through this MRI’s speed, application range, or workflow efficiency. Available in 8, 16, and 32 channels, the Achieva 1.5T mobile MRI can complete a complete spinal and brain scan in less than 20 minutes.

Some other features of this mobile MRI include:

  • SENSE integration for reduced scan times, higher temporal resolution, and enhanced spatial resolution
  • 60 cm patient bore diameter
  • Patient scan table can be lowered to 20-inches, and it can support 550 pounds
  • FreeWave modular 32-channel architecture for high-resolution imaging, 4D-Trak, k-t BLAST, and other acceleration methods that deliver fast scanning

The Philips Achieva 1.5T mobile MRI system provides superior imaging quality in a range of challenging applications, such as large field-of-view abdominal and breast imaging, uniform fat suppression in virtually all anatomies, and consistent off-center imaging, across all patients.

The release of 1.5T MRI scanners introduced a strong focus on consistency in exams. One of the focuses of the Philips Achieva 1.5T was to allow for repeatable results no matter which technician is performing the scan. Its software automatically recognizes the anatomy, plans the exam, and its processes allow for consistent results with each exam. The Achieva 1.5 tesla MRI has more advanced features than others in its class, including up to 32 channels, NOVA HP and NOVA Dual HP Gradient Systems.
Product features:
  • Pulsar, Nova HP and Nova Dual HP Gradients
  • Freewave TF
  • Synergy RF system handles 4 quadrature coil channels plus 1 linear channel
  • High intrinsic homogeneity and excellent image quality
  • Patient table supports up to 550 lbs
  • Soft mattress with head rest
  • SmartExam technology


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