Philips CX 50



Unlock the Future of Portable Ultrasound Imaging with Philips CX50

Unveil the epitome of portable ultrasound technology with the Philips CX50, setting the benchmark for innovation and performance in the world of diagnostic imaging. Explore the advanced features and unmatched capabilities of this groundbreaking ultrasound system, designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals worldwide.

Revolutionizing Portable Ultrasound Technology:

Experience the legacy of the Philips CX50, launched in 2009 as the world’s first premium portable ultrasound machine. Continuously evolving, it remains the only truly premium portable ultrasound system supporting both PureWave single crystal and xMatrix transducers, setting it apart from its competitors.

Versatile Imaging Capabilities:

Equally adept in radiology, OB/GYN, and cardiovascular applications, the Philips CX50 is a shared service ultrasound machine designed to cater to a wide range of diagnostic needs. From cardiac imaging with cutting-edge technologies to OB-GYN, intraoperative, musculoskeletal, and transcranial imaging, its versatility knows no bounds.

Compact and Mobile Design:

Designed for flexibility and mobility, the compact size of the CX50 makes it ideal for surgical, emergency, and point-of-care settings where space is limited and mobility is crucial. Easily adaptable to various environments, it seamlessly transitions from portable to stationary use with compatibility with ultrasound carts and stands.

Advanced Cardiac Imaging Technologies:

Experience the future of cardiac imaging with advanced features tailored for cardiac applications. From strain quantification to microvascular imaging and 3D quantification, the CX50 offers unparalleled insights into cardiac function and structure, empowering clinicians with speckle tracking technology and Smart Exam automated protocols.

Comprehensive Features and Specifications:

  • 15″ LCD monitor
  • Pulse Inversion processing
  • High Pulse Repetition Frequency (HPRF)
  • iScan
  • SonoCT
  • Advanced XRES
  • Expanded field of view
  • Active native data
  • Live compare
  • Stress Echo
  • QLAB

Experience Excellence in Portable Ultrasound:

Elevate your diagnostic capabilities and redefine patient care with the Philips CX50 ultrasound system. Explore our range of advanced features and specifications to unlock the full potential of portable ultrasound imaging. Contact us to learn more about the CX50 and revolutionize your diagnostic practice.


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