Manufacturer: Siemens medical imaging
Model: Siemens Magnetom
Condition: used
Subcategory: Ct scanner

Siemens Magnetom Avanto 1.5T
YOM 2005
18 RF channels (76×18)
Gradients: SQ-engine (45mT/m, SR 200 T/m/s)
OR105 magnet
Software release: VB19A
Software options on Acquisition Workplace (MRC): TiM Application suite, Syngo General License, Matrix Mode, 3D Usage License, 3D MPR, 3D MIP, 3D SSD, Argus Viewer, Worklist, MDDW, Phoenix ZIP, Syngo Remote Assist, Inline 3D Distortion Correction, Image Filter Software, MPPS, 3D Distortion Correction, Inline BOLD imaging, Spectroscopy: SVS, Advanced Cardiac, Flow Quantification, 3D PACE, MR Spectroscopy Evaluation, iPAT Extensions, MR 3D inline fMRI, inline Diffusion, inline perfusion, MR 3D offline fMRI, CISS & DESS, Diffusion Tensor calculation, Diffusion Tensor imaging, BLADE, i-Class, Optimized Protocols for EC.


The refurbished Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto 1.5T MRI system is a whole body scanner, featuring the Tim (Total Imaging Matrix) RF system with 8, 18, or 32 available independent RF receiver channels. Additionally, the Avanto 1.5T MRI introduced a nearly complete redesign of the Siemens MRI machines with a new magnet, new gradients with acoustic noise reduction, a new radio-frequency system with multi-channel options, and a new RF coil concept (Tim).

The Tim concept allows you to combine elements from physically separate coils without patient repositioning or coil changes, for shorter exams and greater patient comfort.

Siemens Magnetom Avanto 1.5T MRI Scanner Review

The Avanto 1.5 Tesla unit is best known for its outstanding uniformity in its head and body Matrix coils.


  • Up to 97 % acoustic noise reduction
  • Wide, patient-friendly inner bore diameter (60 cm / 2 ft.)
  • Q-engine (33 mT/m at 125 T/m/s) or SQ-engine (45 mT/m at 200 T/m/s) with 50 cm field of view (FOV)
  • Slew rate up to 200 T/m/s
  • Reconstructs up to 3226 images per second
  • Ultrafast, highly compact, water-cooled gradient amplifier
  • syngo speaking user interface
  • Sites in only 325 sq.ft. floor space
  • Two CPU’s with 3 GHz and 2 GB RAM capacity


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