Toshiba Aplio 300



New & Refurbished Ultrasound- Refurbished Toshiba Aplio 300 Ultrasound Machine

Precision Imaging

With Aplio’s new and enhanced Precision Imaging technology you can experience ultrasound imaging as close to reality as never before. From widespread areas to fine details in layers and boundaries Precision Imaging reveals more clinical detail for a faster and safer diagnosis. Precision Imaging delivers outstandingly smooth images with significantly sharpened outline of lesions, enhanced image uniformity and reduced clutter.

Perfect transducers for perfect diagnostics

Designed to minimize operator stress and to increase efficiency, our lightweight transducers feature outstanding clinical versatility, ergonomic shapes and thin, super-flexible cables. From standard models to specialty probes – all of Aplio’s transducers deliver superb image quality and respond with highest flexibility to the widest range of clinical applications.



ApliPure™+ combines the advantages of spatial and frequency compounding to provide you with images of unsurpassed
uniformity and detail while preserving clinically significant markers such as shadows behind echo-dense objects. ApliPure+ delivers increased imaging contrast and reduced speckle noise to improve visualization.


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