• Stationary or portable – Stationary
  • Diagnostic accuracy class – Expert
  • LCD / LCD display
  • The size of the monitor is 19
  • Number of ports – 4
  • M-Mode
  • Scanning depth – up to 40 cm
  • General calculations
  • Obstetric and gynecological calculations
  • Cardiac calculations


How much does the Toshiba Aplio 500 ultrasound device cost?

The TOSHIBA APLIO 500 is one of Toshiba’s three most popular ultrasound kits in the hardware market. The scanner is suitable for multifaceted diagnostics of various fields of medicine and allows you to obtain high quality images. Software versions: from V2.0 to V4.0. And the software V6.5 Platinum and V7.0 Modes and functions in the model:

3D scanning and 4D mode;
Doppler: color, CW, PW, energy;
Panoramic scan;
Trapezoidal sweep;
Harmonic tissue differential;
stress echocardiography;
Elastography: compression and shear waves;
2D wall motion tracking, ApliPure +, volume matrix;
Fly Thru, Advanced STIC, Smart Fusion, Fusion 3D;
HDlive, MicroPure, Precision Imaging;
Advanced dynamic flow, AutoIMT;
Quick scan.

In addition, you can work with:

Fly Thru – technology for advanced intravascular angiology;
Quantification of acoustic structure – technology to assess the spread of fibrosis;
Smart Fusion – an option to combine CT and MRI results with real-time ultrasound;
Precision imaging is a technology for increasing the amount of ultrasound information on tissue by beam analysis;
ApliPure + preserves markers important to the physician and improves the quality of the ultrasound image thanks to a special image encoding algorithm; ;
2D Wall Motion Tracking – a function for analyzing the movement of the myocardium of the heart walls;
Advanced Dynamic Flow (ADF) technology for vascular research, the essence of which is the visualization of small vessels and complex blood flows in high resolution;
STIC – technology for obtaining type 4D of fetal heart.

The difference between Aplio 300 and Aplio 500 is first of all that in Aplio 500 Smart 3D, Tissue Specific Optimization (TSO), Auto NT, Vascularity Index, ADF, D-THI, Precision technologies are basic, and in Aplio 300 they are optional. But the Aplio 300 does not have Smart Navigation, CHI options. Parametric MFI, Fly Thru, iDMS (intelligent Dynamic Micro-Slice) transducer. Aplio 300 is smaller in size and its power consumption is lower.


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