Toshiba Infinix 8000C



Toshiba Infinix 8000C Cathlab

The Toshiba Infinix 8000C is a state-of-the-art interventional imaging system designed to deliver precision performance and exceptional image quality. Engineered with advanced technology and innovative features, it provides healthcare professionals with the tools they need to perform a wide range of interventional procedures with confidence and efficiency.


  • Dynamic Imaging Capabilities: With its advanced flat-panel detector technology and high-speed image processing, the Infinix 8000C offers dynamic imaging capabilities that enable real-time visualization of anatomical structures and interventional devices. This allows for precise guidance during complex procedures, enhancing patient safety and procedural success.
  • Flexible Configuration: The system’s flexible C-arm design and versatile imaging modes make it suitable for a variety of interventional procedures, including cardiac catheterization, neurointerventions, and peripheral vascular interventions. Its wide range of movement and adjustable imaging parameters ensure optimal positioning and coverage for diverse patient anatomies and clinical scenarios.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Featuring an intuitive user interface and customizable workflow options, the Infinix 8000C streamlines procedural setup and operation. Its user-friendly controls and ergonomic design elements enhance operator comfort and efficiency, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.
  • Advanced Dose Management: Built-in dose optimization features and dose monitoring tools help minimize radiation exposure to patients and staff without compromising image quality. The system’s dose tracking capabilities and dose reporting functionality support compliance with regulatory standards and best practices in radiation safety.


  • Manufactured: 2012
  • Location: Australia (EX3608)
  • Model: XTP-8100G
  • Software Version: V4.50 R008
  • Tube Model: DSRX – T7345GFS
  • Tube Manufactured: November 2022
  • Last Tube Change: 2023

The angio injector is unavailable and is being retained by site for their replacement unit.


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