Manufacturer: Toshiba
Model: Titan
Condition: used
Category: Mri
Subcategory: Mri & ct machines

The Vantage Titan is a large open bore MRI system that improves patient care with its reduced noise, extended FOV and increased homogeneity. This system has an open bore that is 18% larger than other 1.5T systems with a 71cm aperture. This MRI system offers one of the largest and widest open bores available. It is also one of the most powerful MR systems that is available with a 30/130 gradient platform. This MRI system has a field-of-view size 55 x 55 x 50 cm that is very unique in size which produces high-quality images without compromising homogeneity or overall imaging performance.
The Vantage Titan 1.5T MRI system by Toshiba has been designed with features to improve the patients comfort and increase the range of patients who are able to undergo MR exams. This system has been equipped with the Pianissimo technology to dramatically reduce acoustic noise that is a significant cause of discomfort during exams.


The Toshiba Titan 1.5T mobile MRI system aims to provide exceptional patient and user comfort while delivering superior image quality, speeds, and ease-of-use. This Toshiba mobile MRI features 71cm aperture, open-bore design for obese and larger patients. Also, the Titan 1.5T MRI has the largest clinical field-of-view (FOV) of any ultra-short, open-bore system – 55 x 55 x 50 cm FOV.

Some other user- and patient-friendly features of the Titan 1.5T mobile MRI include:

  • 30 dB acoustic noise reduction
  • 43 cm low patient couch
  • Light and flexible patient coils
  • Integrated armrests for easy needle application
  • Integrated armrests for easy needle application

In terms of performance, the Titan 1.5T mobile MRI also makes full use of its powerful 30/130 gradient platform, which helps produce higher resolution images and a homogeneity specification of two parts per million. Additionally, with the intuitive M-Power technology, the Toshiba Titan 1.5T mobile MRI aims to ease workflow and make efficiency a standard part of your practice.

Product features:
  • Unique field-of-view of 55 x 55 x 50cm
  • 18% larger open bore
  • 30/130 gradient platform
  • Pianissimo technology reduces acoustic noise
  • Fresh Blood Imaging
  • Time Space Angiography (TSA) and Contrast-Free Improved Angiography (CIA)


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