GE Discovery STE Elite 16


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The GE Discovery ST Elite 16 Slice is a state-of-the-art CT imaging system designed to provide unparalleled diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. With its advanced technology and streamlined workflow, this system offers healthcare professionals the tools they need to make confident diagnoses and treatment decisions.


  • High-Quality Imaging: Equipped with 16-slice technology, the Discovery ST Elite delivers high-resolution images with exceptional clarity and detail, allowing for precise visualization of anatomical structures and abnormalities.
  • Fast Scan Times: With rapid scan times and efficient data processing, the Discovery ST Elite enables healthcare providers to perform quick and accurate diagnostic exams, minimizing patient discomfort and maximizing throughput.
  • Versatile Applications: From routine diagnostic scans to complex imaging procedures, the Discovery ST Elite supports a wide range of clinical applications, making it suitable for various medical specialties and patient populations.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with ease of use in mind, the Discovery ST Elite features an intuitive interface and automated functions that streamline image acquisition and data analysis, enhancing workflow efficiency and productivity.


  • Initial installation: 23rd December, 2005
  • Current Location : Japan
  • Tube Replacement: 20th June, 2017
  • Current Tube Usage: 32 Million mAs
    (As of 14th November, 2019)

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