GE Discovery 670 NM


The GE Discovery NM/CT 670 is an advanced medical imaging device that combines the latest workflow technologies with a modular gantry design. It integrates multi-slice CT performance seamlessly, offering improved localization and clinical confidence for routine scans and research.

Its standout features include significantly reduced acquisition times, enhanced dose management, and streamlined patient scheduling compared to conventional SPECT and CT exams.

With a focus on patient comfort, it dramatically shortens scan times, particularly for bone imaging protocols, cutting down from 55 minutes to as little as 25 minutes. This not only minimizes discomfort and potential movement artifacts but also potentially enhances image quality for more confident diagnoses.


  • NM subsystem has LEHR collimators
  • Evolution for Bone Planar
  • Evolution for Bone SPECT
  • Evolution for Cardiac
  • Evolution Toolkit
  • Q.Metrix
  • Axial head holder

CT subsystem has ConnectPro, SmartScore Pro / Volume viewer / Smart Prep / Helical tilt / Auto MA / Patient 16 slice / smart speed/power 440 / 90kVa / Copy composer / Direct – MPR, Data export / Noise reduction Filter / EKG Viewer / Enhanced Recon ASiR,

Performix tube installed November 22, 2022,
Total patient exams: 268 as of Wednesday 16 August 2023


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