GE Logiq E9




Unleash Imaging Excellence with the TE7 Ultrasound System

Introduction: Experience the pinnacle of ultrasound technology with the TE7, the latest innovation from GE. Engineered to deliver exceptional imaging performance across diverse patient demographics, the TE7 sets new standards for agility, precision, and patient care.

Agility Redefined: As the most agile ultrasound system on the market, the TE7 ensures extraordinary imaging quality regardless of the patient’s body type. With its dynamic technology, GE has revolutionized ultrasound imaging, empowering healthcare professionals to focus on patient care rather than cumbersome keystrokes.

Transducer Performance Excellence: The TE7’s transducers are meticulously designed to harmonize with the patient’s anatomy, maximizing imaging performance. Collaboratively developed with input from healthcare providers, the TE7’s transducer system sets the benchmark for precision and versatility in diagnostic imaging.

Advanced Imaging Capabilities: Equipped with advanced volume navigation tools, fusion capabilities, and state-of-the-art GPS markers, the TE7 empowers doctors to achieve unparalleled results in superficial and abdominal applications. Its Amplitude Modulation Mode offers remarkable sensitivity, revealing minute details with stunning resolution.

Efficiency Enhancements: Streamline your workflow with the TE7’s Scan Assistant, which automates measurements, steering, and control setup, allowing you to focus on patient care. With cutting-edge beamformers that adjust to the patient’s body size during scanning, the TE7 optimizes efficiency without compromising on image quality.

Key Features:

  • 90-Day Warranty for peace of mind
  • Advanced imaging modalities including B-Flow, LOGIQView, and 4D Real Time
  • Innovative tools like VOCAL II, Beta View, and Volume Navigation for enhanced diagnostic capabilities
  • Comprehensive productivity packages for breast and thyroid examinations
  • Cutting-edge technologies such as Coded Contrast Imaging and Elastography for detailed tissue characterization
  • Wireless LAN connectivity and DICOM 3.0 compatibility for seamless data management
  • Physiological input panel and integrated DVD-R Multi Drive for enhanced functionality
  • Stress Echo and Quantitative Flow Analysis for comprehensive cardiovascular assessments

Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with the TE7 Ultrasound System. Revolutionize patient care with unmatched imaging excellence and efficiency-enhancing features.


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