Mindray TE7



Elevate Diagnostic Precision with the TE7 Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Introduction: Experience unparalleled precision and performance with the TE7 Diagnostic Ultrasound System. Engineered for focused applications in point-of-care settings, this innovative device combines intuitive design, superior image quality, and streamlined workflow to instill diagnostic confidence across various medical specialties.

Focused Applications in Point-of-Care: From anesthesia and pain management to critical care and emergency medicine, the TE7 is tailored to meet the demands of diverse clinical environments. With its intuitive interface and dedicated presets, this system ensures efficient operation and diagnostic accuracy for bedside examinations.

Complete Transducer Solution: Powered by Mindray’s advanced 3T transducer technology, the TE7 offers a comprehensive suite of transducers to address a wide range of diagnostic needs. Whether it’s convex, linear, phased array, endocavity, intraoperative, or TEE transducers, the TE7 provides crystal-clear imaging for precise diagnosis.

Anesthesia and Pain Management Expertise: The TE7 excels in anesthesia and pain management applications, thanks to its compact touchscreen interface and advanced features like iNeedle™ visualization and dedicated nerve exam presets. With its intuitive workflow and TEE transducer compatibility, the TE7 is ideal for nerve block procedures and intraoperative cardiac monitoring.

Key Features:

  • 15-inch high-resolution color LED monitor for optimal image viewing
  • Advanced imaging modalities including B-Mode, THI, PSHTM, M-Mode, and Color Doppler Imaging
  • Innovative technologies such as iBeamTM, iClearTM, and iTouchTM for enhanced imaging quality
  • Smart Track feature for efficient workflow management
  • Comprehensive connectivity options including DICOM and built-in wireless adapter
  • Portable design with built-in battery and SSD for on-the-go diagnostics
  • Versatile probe ports with options for 3 or 1 active universal probe ports
  • Extensive accessory options including table stand, wall mount, and ECG module for added convenience

Experience the Future of Point-of-Care Diagnostics with the TE7.


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