GE Venue 50 Point of Care



Elevate Point-of-Care Diagnostics with GE Venue 50 Ultrasound System

Introduction: Introducing the GE Venue 50, the advanced successor to the Venue 40 ultrasound system. Designed for specific markets, this cutting-edge ultrasound machine redefines point-of-care diagnostics with its innovative features and exceptional performance.

Enhanced Operation: Bid farewell to stylus dependency with the Venue 50, which eliminates the need for a stylus for operation. Unlike its predecessor, the Venue 50 offers streamlined scanning without the hindrance of a stylus, ensuring efficient and hassle-free imaging. It also features the 10c-SC microconvex probe for enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

Versatile Connectivity: Experience unparalleled flexibility with the optional multi-transducer connector, allowing simultaneous connection of multiple probes while docked. This feature enhances workflow efficiency and diagnostic versatility, catering to diverse clinical needs.

Focused Point-of-Care Applications: Tailored for bedside ultrasound use, the Venue 50 excels in vascular access, anesthesia, interventional procedures, musculoskeletal assessments, and basic cardiac functions. With CrossXBeam and Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) technologies, it delivers exceptional image quality for accurate diagnoses.

Efficient and Intuitive Design: Boasting a touchscreen interface and rapid boot-up time, the Venue 50 prioritizes speed and ease of use. Its button-free design eliminates unnecessary clutter, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care without distractions.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Touchscreen interface for intuitive operation
  • CrossXBeam Compound Imaging for enhanced image clarity
  • SRI Speckle Reduction Imaging for improved diagnostic accuracy
  • Optional color and PW Doppler capabilities for advanced assessments
  • Mobile docking station option for enhanced portability
  • Compatibility with linear, convex, and phased array transducers
  • Fully digital system for seamless integration
  • Export options to SD media, USB Flash drive, or direct computer connectivity

Experience Unmatched Versatility and Performance with the GE Venue 50. Elevate your point-of-care diagnostics with its advanced features and intuitive design, ensuring precise and efficient patient assessments.


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