GE Voluson S10 BT16 OB GYN Ultrasound


GE VOLUSON E10 BT16 – REFURBISHED Advanced 4D, eM6c, Vocal II, Advanced VCI, Elastography, IOTA LR2, V-SRI, Advanced STIC, Anatomical M-Mode, BT Activation


GE Voluson S10 BT16 OB / GYN Ultrasound

Voluson S10,BT16,

DEMO System , Mfg 11/2016 with 4 probes :

Option installed:

3D/4D, Autodicom , HD Live , Adv VCI , Elasto,Sonol 2D,IDTA LR2, BT activation.

RAB6-RS Volumetric Probes.

9L RS Linear probe .

RIC 5-9A-RS Endocavitry probe.

C1-5 RS Convex Probe.

Soft 16.0.5

FBID: 185


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