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Elevate Cardiovascular Imaging with the GE Vivid Q Ultrasound System

Unveiling Precision and Portability: Introducing the GE Vivid Q

The GE Vivid Q stands as a pinnacle of cardiovascular ultrasound technology, offering clinicians exceptional image quality and advanced quantification tools in a compact, portable unit. Designed to meet the demands of cardiovascular, vascular, abdominal, and pediatric/fetal applications, the Vivid Q empowers medical professionals to achieve confident diagnoses with ease.

Advanced Imaging Capabilities:

  • 2D Imaging: Experience unparalleled clarity and detail in diagnostic imaging with the Vivid Q’s advanced 2D imaging capabilities, ensuring precise visualization of anatomical structures and abnormalities.
  • Quantification Tools: Utilize state-of-the-art quantification tools, including Smart Depth Technology, Coded Octave Imaging, and Automated Function Imaging (AFI), to enhance diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.
  • Enhanced Visualization: Benefit from innovative features such as Tissue Tracking (TT), Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI), and Tissue Synchronization Imaging (TSI), enabling comprehensive assessment of cardiac function and tissue characteristics.

Portability Meets Performance:

  • Compact Design: Despite its compact size, the Vivid Q delivers exceptional performance, making it ideal for point-of-care settings, mobile clinics, and remote healthcare facilities.
  • On-Board Optimization: Streamline diagnostic workflows with on-board image quality optimization tools, automated speckle-tracking strain, and Auto-EF tools, ensuring consistent and reliable results in every scan.

Unmatched Features and Connectivity:

  • Comprehensive Features: Explore a wide range of features, including CrossXBeam, SRI Speckle Reduction Imaging, Triplex Imaging, and High Resolution Zoom, enhancing diagnostic confidence and efficiency.
  • Integrated Connectivity: Seamlessly connect and share data with full DICOM connectivity and export capabilities to digital media such as DVD, Flash Drive, Hard Drive, and Network, ensuring efficient data management and collaboration.

Compatible Probes for Every Application:

  • Tailored for Versatility: Choose from a comprehensive selection of compatible probes, including phased array, linear array, convex array, and intracardiac echo probes, ensuring optimal performance across various imaging scenarios.

Experience the power of cardiovascular imaging with the GE Vivid Q ultrasound system. Whether you’re conducting routine cardiac exams or complex diagnostic procedures, trust in the Vivid Q to deliver unmatched precision, portability, and performance for all your cardiovascular imaging needs.


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