Canon Aplio i700



Revolutionize Imaging with Aplio’s Ultra-Wideband Transducers

Unveiling Aplio’s cutting-edge i-series transducers, engineered to redefine diagnostic ultrasound. Witness the fusion of innovation and precision as these transducers cover the expansive bandwidth equivalent to two conventional counterparts, elevating sensitivity and resolution across both near and far fields. Say farewell to compromise as Aplio’s revolutionary design not only enhances imaging quality but also optimizes cost-effectiveness, ensuring superior performance regardless of patient condition.

Enhanced Visualization with Wide View Functionality

Step into a realm of expansive clarity with Aplio’s enhanced Wide View function tailored for convex transducers. Delight in an unparalleled field of view stretching up to 140 degrees, facilitating superior visualization of larger organs and broader areas of interest.

Unravel the Intricacies with Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI)

Dive into the depths of vascular anatomy with Aplio i700’s groundbreaking Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI). Experience the revelation of color flow imaging with unprecedented detail and definition, unveiling the nuances of low-velocity microvascular flow previously concealed from diagnostic ultrasound.

Empowering Diagnostic Precision with Multi-Beam Technology

Embrace diagnostic confidence with Canon Medical’s pioneering multi-beam technology, amplifying the prowess of iSMI microvascular imaging. Marvel at SMI’s unparalleled vascular visualization and high frame rates, revolutionizing the assessment of organ and lesion micro-vasculature.

Unleash the Power of Smart Sensor 3D and Precision+

Embark on a journey of precision imaging with Smart Sensor 3D, facilitating accurate 3D volume acquisition with standard transducers, even in SMI mode. Witness the refinement of images through Precision+, unveiling smoother outlines of lesions, enhanced uniformity, and reduced clutter.

Elevate Imaging Quality with ApliPure™+ and Differential Tissue Harmonics

Experience imaging excellence with ApliPure™+ compounding, enhancing contrast and minimizing speckle noise for unparalleled visualization. Delve into the realm of harmonic images with Differential Tissue Harmonics, boasting unsurpassed spatial resolution and enhanced penetration.

Unparalleled Sensitivity and Resolution with Wideband Technology

Explore the pinnacle of sensitivity, penetration, and spatial resolution across all Doppler modes with Aplio’s wideband transducer and signal processing technology. Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with Aplio’s commitment to excellence in ultrasound imaging.

Revolutionize your diagnostic journey with Aplio’s state-of-the-art ultrasound technology. Explore our range of products to discover limitless possibilities.


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