Item Description

  • Condition: Used – Good
  • Brand: PHILIPS
  • Type: MRI Scanner
  • Model: Achieva 1.5T

EUropean 2004 Philips Achieva 1.5T

Gradients: Nova Dual
RF channels: 8
Software version:
Coils: Anterior Syn Head/Neck, QHC EL_load , SENSE head 8ch, Spine, Quadrature knee/foot, C1, C3, Sense Flex M, Sense Flex S, Body, Breast, Microscopy 23mm, Microscopy 47mm.

Software options: Basic SW, SMART scan brain, 2D-VCG, 3D MSK View, Advanced EPI, Grase, 3D brain View, High SENSE Factors, Extended FOV, Keyhole, DWI, Phase navigators, TE>TR, Thrive, Q-flow, Contrast enh pref., moving bed imaging, Advanced moving bed ima., Advanced peripheral angio, high end recon, Black blood prepulse, body resp navigators, MSMP, multivane, Cardiac triggered IR, Retrospective, prosp. motion correction, Interactive, T1 perfusion, SR-mid, Diffusion Calculation, Perfusion calculation, Q-flow analysis, ROutine UI, XML/REC data export, MobiView, Split exam, TSE Optimized Refocusing Control.


The Philips Achieva 1.5T SE MRI machine is a low-cost, compact MR imaging system with a patient-friendly design.

A scalable RF receiver, parallel imaging, powerful gradients and a large field of view are standard.

The Philips Achieva 1.5T SE MRI also features PowerSave, which ensures the machine uses energy only when needed. PowerSave can reduce your energy costs as much as 50% over comparable MRI systems.

33mTm peak on axis
80 mT/m/ms slew rate
8 RF channel standard configuration
Windows XP OS with 3GB internal memory
Advanced viewing and processing tools
One-click SmartExam technology for repeatable results


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