• Item Description

  • Condition: Used – Good
  • Brand: PHILIPS
  • Type: MRI Scanner
  • Model: Achieva X-Series 3.0T
  • Large FOV: 50 cm

2009 Philips 3T Achieva
Quasar Gradients Copley 781 Gradients
Amplitude 40 mTm / Rise Time 0.33 / Slew Rate 120 mT/m/ms
The system was manufactured in 2009

The Achieva 3.0T X-series is designed to provide excellent performance for all clinical applications in routine daily use and offers superb performance for specific needs. From the routine head, spine and musculoskeletal to the most advanced exams, it performs them quickly and efficiently with outstanding image quality. The system allows fast imaging as well as high resolution. The FreeWave functionality on the Achieva 3.0T X-series also allows applications such as 4D-TRAK, 4D-THRIVE, k-t BLAST and 2k imaging.

A full size 50 cm FOV and a short, patient friendly gantry of 157 cm (end to end). Exclusive Quasar and Quasar Dual gradient systems offer outstanding performance with excellent linearity that complements a large 50 cm FOV integrated body coil. FreeWave data acquisition system with a modular 32 channel architecture, designed to handle large data streams of high resolution imaging

The machine was placed in service in September 2009. The current software level is Philips Achieva, Release 3.2 level 2. The current coils we have are limited to the head coils: Transmit Receiver Head Coil; SENSE Head Coil 8 element coils; SENSE Flex-M and Flex-L Coils.


The refurbished Philips Achieva 3.0T X-Series MRI machine is a versatile 16/32-channel MR system with a full size 50cm field-of-view. Its SmartExam with Exam cards are a popular feature that ensure consistency from patient-to-patient no matter the operator. These features ensure that the exam is fast, accurate and relatively simple for the patient and technician.

The used Philips Achieva 3.0T MR machine is also known for having a compact, lightweight magnet that doesn’t sacrifice power for its size.

Philips Achieva 3.0T MRI Machine Review

The Achieva series is a popular brand of MRI from Philips. The Achieva X-series is an excellent compact and economical system that is also powerful despite its smaller size. The 3.0T X-series also features the popular SmartExam automation and a 32-channel RF architecture. This is among our bestselling 3-Tesla used MRI machines.

Complete dedicated SENSE RF coil program
Dual-mode 80 mT/m gradients
One-click SmartExam technology for repeatable results
4D-TRAK, k-t BLAST and 2k Imaging
FiberTrak for white fiber tracking
DWIBS technology assists sensitive lesion detection


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