1.0T Actively Shielded Magnet Numaris Software Version VB33G (latest avail) Single Console, Black and White Monitor, Dual Disk Drives (CD & MOD), Sun SPARC 10 Host Computer, 20 mT/m Gradients, Cardio Package, CORE Package, Power Gradients, Clinical Imaging Package, Turbo Flash, Peripheral Angio, Turbo Gradients, Image Filter, Turbo Spin Echo, PACS Net (DICOM), Advanced MR Angio, Phased Array
Coils Include:
CP Spine Array, CP Extremity, CP Neck, CP Head, Flex Pre-Amp, Small Flex, Large Flex, Small FOV
1998 MediCoach “Move at
Field” Trailer


The Siemens 1.0T Impact Expert mobile MRI is widely regarded as a solid MRI machine, offering quality images and efficient workflows without the high expenses associated with comparable systems. This mobile MRI is versatile and can adapt to your unique needs, providing high-quality tomographic images of any orientation while showing the internal structure of the body and/or the patient’s head.
Product features:
  • 1.0 Tesla Oxford Magnet
  • 15 mT/m Gradients
  • 3D
  • Turbo Imaging
  • Ultra fast
  • MR Cardio
  • Advanced Angio
  • Peripheral Angio
  • Active ShieldingSoftware: Numeris VB33G
  • Coils: Head, CTL Spine, Extremity, Shoulder, Small Flex, Large Flex


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