The Aquilion 64 CT scanner delivers superior image quality for veterinarians with specialized needs.

Whether for small-vessel coronary examinations, evaluations for interstitial lung disease or nodules, or many other types of specialized imaging, the Aquilion 64 veterinary CT scanner uses its Quantum detector powering 64 simultaneous 0.5mm slices per rotation. These incredibly thin slices give the Aquilion 64 true isotropic spatial resolution, a maximized signal-to-noise ratio, and exceptional low-contrast resolution.

The Aquilion 64 veterinary CT scanner also boosts your imaging capabilities with:

  • True volumetric imaging
  • A 0.35mm spatial resolution for highly detailed representations of even the smallest structures
  • 40-percent radiation dose reduction compared to similar systems
  • Contrast detection at 12 frames per second
  • Superior low-contrast resolution for soft plaque visualization
  • Increased image accuracy through the advanced cone-beam algorithm TCOT modified for 64-slice image acquisition
  • Helical scanning with a gantry tilt from 30 degrees backwards to 30 degrees forwards
  • In addition to its superior image quality, the Aquilion 64 veterinary CT scanner enables a more comfortable and reliable imaging experience. Designed to aid your diagnostic exams, the Aquilion 64 uses high-speed rotation mechanisms and fast reconstruction times for quick acquisition and improved throughput.
  • Furthermore, you can improve your imaging capabilities through the Aquilion 64 CT scanner’s SUREExposure Dose Modulation and innovative workflow solutions such as “SURECardio” for monitoring the patient’s heart before scanning.

    PrizMED Imaging Toshiba Aquilion 64 CT Scanner Review

    Refurbished Aquilion 64-slice CT scanners are very popular with cardiac studies, as its software makes a fast and efficient workflow with minimal errors.

    Refurbished Toshiba Aquilion 64 Features

  • 64-slice veterinary CT scanner
  • SUREExposure Dose Modulation
  • Contrast detection at 12 Frames Per Second
  • 0.5 mm x 64 detector row
  • 256 slices in one rotation
  • Continuous scan time of 100 seconds
  • Leading Low Contrast Resolution LCR
  • 360-degree continuous rotation scan system
  • Ergonomic design for patient comfort
  • Flexible choice of speed and accuracy
  • Volumetric data sets
  • 180cm long by 47cm wide patient couch
  • 72cm gantry diameter
  • Minimum install area of 27 square meters
  • 13cm coverage in patient axis direction.
  • Positioning laser lights
  • Automatic mA control
  • Air cooling


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