GE Voluson E6 BT 13.5



Elevate Obstetric Imaging with the GE Voluson E6 BT13.5

Unveil the epitome of obstetric and gynecological imaging with the GE Voluson E6 BT13.5, a cornerstone of GE’s esteemed “Expert” series. This base-level ultrasound machine transcends traditional boundaries, delivering unparalleled imaging prowess not only in OB/GYN scans but also across a spectrum of applications. Dive into a realm of intuitive controls and features meticulously crafted to streamline your diagnostic journey, anchored by its 10.4-inch touch screen interface for swift and seamless operation.

Unravel Advanced Obstetric Imaging Technologies

Experience a paradigm shift in obstetric imaging with the Voluson E6’s arsenal of cutting-edge technologies. Explore the following leading obstetric imaging innovations:

  • Radiantflow: Instantaneous visualization of blood vessels for swift and precise assessment.
  • HD-Flow: Monitor perfusion dynamics of the heart and lungs with unparalleled clarity.
  • HDLive: Witness live fetal face images in unprecedented detail and realism.
  • SonoCNS: Navigate through the intricate terrain of the fetal brain with enhanced imaging and measurement capabilities.
  • Advanced VCI with OmniView: Revolutionize volume imaging by generating comprehensive views from any imaging plane of a 3D or 4D image, utilizing intuitive drawing tools for unparalleled flexibility.

Superior Performance with Firmware Upgrades

The GE Voluson E6 BT13.5 sets a new benchmark with several firmware updates, surpassing its predecessors in performance and functionality. Stay at the forefront of diagnostic excellence with continuous advancements tailored to meet evolving clinical demands.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Imaging Modes: 2D/3D/4D
  • Applications: OB/GYN, Breast, Cardiac, Urology, Vascular, Venous, Small Parts, Neonatal, MSK
  • Key Features: HDlive, Scan Assistant, Radiantflow, Advanced VCI with OmniView, SonoCNS, Uterine Trace, MI/TI limits, SonoDefense, Tricefy, 4DView, 3D Printing, Elastography, SonoBiometry, SonoVCAD Labor, SonoVCAD Heart, SonoACV, SonoACV Follicle

Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with the GE Voluson E6 BT13.5, where innovation meets precision to redefine obstetric imaging excellence. Explore the limitless possibilities and unlock new horizons in ultrasound diagnostics.


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