Model MAGNETOM Symphony 1.5T
Condition Used Good
Warranty No warrant


Product Specifications

Magnetic field strength, T 1.5
Max. gradient amplitude (mT/m) 30
MRI Type closed
Type of magnet superconducting
Gradient slew rate (mТ/m/mcs) 125


Symphony Maestro Class

YOM: 2001

Gradient: Quantum

System 8ch

syngo MR A35


6 coils: 8ch Head, Neck, Body, Spine, Flex Large, Flex Small,

and Coil interface


Syngo General License, Application Suite/CORE Package, CORE Plus, Worklist, 3D Usage License, 3D MPR (volume of Interest), 3D MIP, 3D SSD, MPPS, Image Filter Software, Masestro Class, 1D/2D PACE, iPAT, Inline Processing, Advanced 3D, Advanced 3D, Advanced Turbo Package, Advancec Angio Package, CARE Bolus, Panoramic Table, Echo Planar Imaging, BOLD Imaging, TGSE, Advanced Cardiac Package, Argus Viewer,

Target itmes:
Gantry/Magnet, Patient Table, Gradient Amp, RF Amp, Penetration box, Compressor (Leybold, Coolpak 6000), Transformer, Console, Phantom, software disc
and Injector (Nemoto sonicshot50, dual, stand), and Chiller


In stock and ready for your immediate shipping request. De-installed after ramped down (no quench). Shipping with warm magnet.



The refurbished 2004 Siemens MAGNETOM Symphony 1.5T MRI system is a compact whole body MR imaging machine. The used Siemens MAGNETOM Symphony 1.5T MRI features an ultra-short, 60cm bore.


– Field Strength: 1.5T

– Configuration: Compact;

– Synchronization: Respiratory Gating, ECG/Peripheral;

– Imaging modes: Multi-Oblique, Multi-Angle, Volume Study, Multi-Slice, Single;

– FOV: 0.5cm – 50cm;

– Magnet type: Single Cryogen, Superconducting;

– Magnet weight: 4050 kg (5500 kg in operation);

– Dimension: 236 x 215 x 160;

– Power Requirements: 380/400/420V;

– Power Requirements 2: 440/480V;

– Cooling System: 2-Stage Refrig, Single Cryogen;

– Cryogen Use: Liquid Helium;

– Bore diameter: 60cm;

– Strength: 30/52 opt. 20/35 mT/m standard;

– 5 Guass Fringe Field: 2.5m/4.0m


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