• Condition: Used – Excellent
  • Brand: SIEMENS
  • Type: MRI Scanner
  • Model: MAGNETOM Trio 3.0T
  • Gradient field strength:Up to 45 mT/m (72 mT/m effective)
  • Large FOV: up to 50 cm / 20 inches with excellent linearity
  • Magnet dimensions: Short bore

System is in excellent condition like new
Manufacturing year is 2007
siemens full service.
Its include the:
– Body matrix
– CP Extremity Coil Knee
– Invivo Brest Coil 7 channel
– Siemens Brest coil 4 channel
– CP head coil
– 32 channel RX
– Spine is build in
– Head matrix coil 12 channel


The refurbished Siemens MAGNETOM Trio 3.0T MRI machine is a very popular MRI scanner due to its ease-of-use, signal-to-noise ratio, and its flexibility.

With Tim (Total Imaging Matrix) technology, the Siemens Trio 3.0T MRI scanner is considered one of the easier MRI scanners, and also known as a reliable, durable MRI scanner.

Siemens MAGNETOM Trio 3.0T MRI Scanner Review:

The Trio 3.0 Tesla scanner’s reputation has favorably been referred to as the “Honda Civic” of MR machines. It’s because of its well-known durability, reliability, and ease of use for its price.


  • UltraShort bore
  • 60cm Diameter bore
  • Up to 4 body matrices
  • Open bore 70cm coil
  • Tim (Total Imaging Matrix) technology
  • 5mm to 205cm field of view
  • Up to 4 body matrices
  • Peripheral Matrix Array, 8-channel knee, shoulder array, wrist array and breast biopsy
  • CP loop (S/L) and head
  • TX/RX head
  • Endorectal
  • Double loop array


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